Brunch Links


Congratulations to the New York Yankees. $200 million should get you at least one every decade. So I’m bitter? Chicken nachos from Kollege Klub. “As a place for just dinner when you are cold and alone the KK doesn’t have much to recommend it unless you’re really into nihilism.”


Bassey Etim sets the record straight on the [sic] letter from the tavern league.

But the tavern league is at it again, at least according to Max Manasevit, who discusses the league’s efforts to renew the Alcohol License Density Plan.

Here’s a first: the Herald runs an editorial on immigration that couldn’t have been penned by Lou Dobbs.

Supreme Court refuses to hear suit brought by anti-domestic partnership benefits group.

CFACT is appealing their funding denial to Student Judiciary and Campus Women’s Center wins decision earning them another go in front of SSFC.

Uh oh, Steve Kagen might have a fellow doctor as an opponent?

Little known fact brought to you by James Rowen: Milwaukee is forbidden from annexing any more land.

Nice to see somebody acknowledge Louis Butler’s time as a public defender as a plus. The source of the praise is not surprising. Therefore, the source of the criticism is not surprising either.

Scott Walker unhappy with media coverage of county board meetings.

Come on, even the Cap Times is dedicating this much time to the VA governor’s race? Is the whole media taking its cues from Keith Olbermann now?

Sen. Dale Schultz calls Doyle plan to cut funding for work-training of developmentally disabled wrong.

I wonder what the Catholics’ position on contraception in Wisconsin is? Guesses?


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