Scott Walker is a good politician


Because he seems able to convince just about anybody that he’s got the skills to pay the bills. Writes Joey Labuz:

It is clear Walker has the financial record to tackle many of the issues currently facing the state government. After all, he took over a Milwaukee County government rocked by scandal and near bankruptcy and transformed it into a semi-functional one.

Nonexistent government is not functional government, even by Grover Norquist’s standards. Also, a man who’s dedicated to alleviating Milwaukee County’s fiscal pain probably would not have railed so hard against accepting enormous sums of money from the federal government. The notion that Walker’s head is made for money mathematics was not pulled from the record. Like, all the other numbers Walker regularly cites, it comes right from the collective ass of the Republican Party.

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2 Responses to “Scott Walker is a good politician”

  1. Ryan Says:

    so because he convinced Joey Labuz he has convinced pretty much everybody?

  2. Emily Says:

    Clearly Joey Labuz has been able to convince the Sconz that Joey Labuz is just about anybody. 😉

    (Honestly, I think the fact that anyone at all thinks Walker has a head for money math is absurd)

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