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Interesting. I wish I had gone to the City Council meeting. Ald. Bridget Maniaci ended up putting Eagon’s old proposal (to make a student voting member on the ALRC permanent) to a vote. It narrowly failed, 10-9. If any of you guys could give me the total tally, with all the yeas and nays, I would appreciate it. Tacos from Pasqual’s.


I highly recommend going to the Herald article and watching the video of what I think is Ald. Thuy grilling Daily Cardinal editor Charley Brace and Herald managing editor Kevin Bargnes on student turnout. Brace, who knows very well that turnout in ASM elections is pathetic, does his best to first avoid giving the actual numbers: “turnout was 50% higher this year.” Of course, the video doesn’t really get good until Thuy asks the two gentleman if they drink.

Supreme Court hears arguments against gay marriage ban.

Interesting Herald article on the changes in funding for student organizations in the 10 years since the Supreme Court’s ruling on a UW student lawsuit.

Dane County to vote on regional transit authority. The threat of public transportation is imminent!

Cap Times lauds David Obey for working to preserve the Great Lakes. But isn’t Obey also working against other important environmental restrictions on the lakes?

Dave Zweifel says Justice Prosser needs to “get a clue.” And stop throwing temper tantrums.

State Journal ed board says drunk driving law needs to be strengthened before it comes to a vote.

GOP Chair calls Obama’s visit to Madison a “smoke screen” to distract attention from those big Republican wins last night. You see, usually when a president’s party loses two gubernatorial elections, the president is supposed to spend all day talking about it, rather than working on other policy.

Attorney General will be spending time filing an amicus curia brief for a gun lawsuit in front of the Supreme Court. His input is crucial.

Three of four school funding referenda in Wisconsin failed last night. Another vindication of GOP victory? The ad next to the article with Sean Hannity’s stunning mug certainly thinks so.

Who will take over state services when Walker’s elected governor?

Oh, and Obama’s in town. I don’t care, do you?



2 Responses to “Brunch Links”

  1. Kevin Bargnes Says:

    I whispered to Thuy a brief explanation of the ADLP as I walked by her. I kind of wish Paulson got the chance to go at her. And Rosemary Lee was about to explode when she asked if I drink.

    Ayes (10)

    Nays (9)

    Absent (1)

    It needed 11 to pass.

  2. Paul A. Says:

    From all the stories I hear about Thuy, I’m surprised no one has run against her. If there’s one alderperson that needs to go, it’s Thuy.

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