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Yesterday was odd. Not only because the Phillies managed to hold a lead, but because despite having a high number of visitors to the site, there were no comments. I would like to emphasize my support for comments, no matter when. Especially ones that stimulate dialogue. And especially ones coming from Mayor Dave. Partly cloudy with some sun and a high of 50, low of 35 in Madtown. Eating in Madison presents Kabul’s spinach stew.


“So we have to ask: Why would the student alder give up so easily? It is not as if Mr. Eagon stands to lose anything by keeping the language and seeing the council’s reaction.”  Hmm. Knowing the Badger Herald they probably would have been even harsher had they not spent so much time dealing with Eagon in the past weeks.

But the Daily Cardinal seems to not have gotten the message that Eagon changed the language of the proposal.

Nevertheleess, Mayor Dave clears that up for everyone: “I cannot support the proposal to create a student seat on the ALRC as a matter of right in city ordinance.”

Faculty Senate overwhelmingly rebukes Biddy Martin’s plans to restructure grad school: ‘[Sociology Professor Bob] Hauser said the provost’s initial expectation that faculty would welcome his proposal was a “major blunder and breach of trust.”’

According to Glenn Grothman, sex education bill is teaching children to be exploited by sexual predators and furthers Planned Parenthood’s “abortion chain.” Wisconsin Right to Life chips right in.

Bob Dunne’s back in action. He presented new Edgewater development plans to the city Plan Commission yesterday.

Conservatives becoming very vocal about increased car insurance rates.

Scott Walker’s current constituents are raising hell about his budget. Granted, the meeting was likely packed by AFSCME.

Ed Garvey: “Wanted: Dem for governor. Must raise $41,000 per day.”

I never thought I’d hear a Republican say something so true: “There’s more to fear from Health Care than terrorists.” If only you inserted [lack of] in front of health care she’d be the Nobel Prize winner.


10 Responses to “Brunch Links”

  1. Jason Smathers Says:

    First off, it’s Bob Dunn, not Dunne.

    Second off, we seemed to have gotten hammered by commenters for not praising Eagon for his efforts.

    As much as I’m quite appreciative for getting us to this point, I was just kind of stumped by the amendment change. Sure, you probably don’t want to push the envelope anymore than is necessary if you want to keep good relations with the mayor and other alders. But I saw nothing in Eagon’s response or the mayor’s that indicated this was a trade-off. Eagon just seemed to do this to keep the peace. Maybe he has to because of the political realities on the ground, but it would have been worth it to try, wouldn’t it?

    If you’ve guaranteed the silver, you still shoot for the gold. Especially since that’s what all those students were coming for in the first place.

    I’m not saying Eagon should be shamed for it, I’m just wondering what reason there was to compromise on the language.

  2. Jason Smathers Says:

    Especially when there were at least a good amount of alders who were ready to vote for it. 8-11, but that’s certainly enough to at least give it a shot. I doubt it would have alientated Eagon with the rest of council.

  3. Jason Smathers Says:

    And of course, that’s alienated. Jesus I can’t type.

  4. Todd Stevens Says:

    I believe the Cardinal’s editorial fully acknowledged the changes Eagon made to the language of the proposal from advocating for a permanent student voting seat to merely recommending the mayor appoint a student. We simply feel this is still an acceptable and positive compromise, at least for the time being.

  5. Anon Says:

    Better to take the silver that’s handed to you, then to fall on your face reaching for gold sometimes Jason. Likely Eagon could not make it to 10 or 11 votes, and did not want to risk a very public defeat that would have emboldened the Tavern League and put them in a position to go on a stronger offensive that set Eagon up to lose in the long run. This gives them a finger to the face, because they want no student, and now there will be two, and creates space in the future to maneuver for a permanent seat.

  6. Mike Says:

    That stew doesn’t look so good.

    • Irish Frog Says:

      Yeah, everything at Kabul looks like dog vomit. However they are one of my favorite restaurants. The food is incredibly good 🙂

  7. Jason Smathers Says:

    “very public defeat that would have emboldened the Tavern League and put them in a position to go on a stronger offensive that set Eagon up to lose in the long run.”

    Except that he already won one victory. It might have set Eagon back to that compromise, but I don’t see how a close loss at City Council, backed by a guarantee from the mayor, ends up as humiliation for Eagon. Plus, I find that the non-voting student AND voting student gives the Tavern League much more to bitch about, saying that students are now OVERREPRESENTED on the committee.

    I understand the argument, anon, I just think it wouldn’t have blown up as large as you think it would.

  8. Alec S Says:

    Very smart political move by Mayor Dave. Did the BH just not publish the letter he sent? Or does he just favor the DC?

  9. Jason Smathers Says:

    We didn’t publish the letter because we don’t publish letters to the editor unless they are unique to our paper. So if you send out an LTE to us and WSJ, we won’t print it. Just seems redundant.

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