Michael Gableman: Great politician


Frankly I wouldn’t be surprised if Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman became a defense attorney if he is removed from the Supreme Court for judicial misconduct (unfortunately, I believe the latter scenario is very unlikely to materialize). His penchant for innuendo and attacks on credibility are much more appropriate skills for a defense litigator or a politician than a prosecutor or a jurist – at least outside of Wisconsin.

Illusory Tenant gives us a glimpse at a peculiar back and forth between Gableman and Virginia Bartelt, who was representing the League of Women Voters of Wisconsin:

Gableman: Do you know what the Open Society Institute is?

Bartelt: I don’t know, your honor, but the executive director of the league is [telling me] that that is not a member of the Wisconsin association.

Gableman: Okay. So, but the Open Society Institute is one of the donors to the league.

Bartelt: It’s possible. Nationally.

Gableman: And that’s a George Soros-funded entity. Do you know that?

Bartelt: I don’t know that.

Gableman: Okay, so you wouldn’t know, for instance, how much George Soros has contributed to the League of Women Voters in the last, say, five years.

Bartelt: I would not, your honor.

Gableman: Or the last year.

Bartelt: No.

Gableman: Could you find that out.

Bartelt: I imagine that I could.

Gableman: Would you.

It will be interesting to see how the conclusion to that inquiry will be especially relevant in determining changes to judicial codes of conduct, which was the matter at hand.

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2 Responses to “Michael Gableman: Great politician”

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