UPDATE: Eagon negotiates compromise with mayor. Eagon’s ordinance will no longer require that the citizen appointee be a student. It will add an alder and a citizen to the ALRC with a recommendation to the mayor that the citizen be a student. The mayor plans to appoint a student rep for a three year period. Eagon’s proposal will also keep the non-voting student member to the ALRC, meaning that students will have one voting member and one non-voting member at the table.

Mayor Dave Cieslewicz met with Ald. Bryon Eagon and promised to add a student member to the Alcohol License Review Committee regardless of whether Eagon’s proposal to require a student voting member on the committee passes the Council tomorrow.

The ALRC, which is likely to add another alder and another “citizen appointee,” will be voting on whether the citizen appointee must be a student tomorrow. However, Cieslewicz, has stated that he plans to appoint a student whether he is required to or not.

Bryon Eagon told The Sconz that the move was not ideal, but still a victory for students.

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  1. Paul A. Says:

    It seems that the Herald is not thrilled about this development between Cieslewicz and Eagon. While I understand where they’re coming from, I feel that this three-year appointment can work in our favor.

    The idea of a voting student on the ALRC is indeed controversial to many other residents of Madison, but those three years allows us, the students, to prove that someone our age can have a seat at the table and debate and vote in a considerate, responsible manner. If that’s the case, then it will be very, very hard for any mayor to justify the removal of a member who contributes so strongly to the ALRC.

    Consider the three-year appointment as the opportunity to make our case in the most demonstrable way.

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