Brunch Links


The Phillies came was a bit of a heartbreaker. My time would have been better spent listening to visiting lecturer Steven Pinker discuss why humans swear and use sexual innuendos. Or the Ludacris panel…how the hell did I miss that one? I don’t mean to cross the picket line but I had to display this monstrosity from the Nitty Gritty for brunch.


Daily Cardinal headline: Freakfest as tame as ever.

Mayor Dave says we need real cable regulation. And public TV.

But no wonder he faces such obstacles. Wisconsinites have a long history of opposing public television. Rupert came and saved us.

Good analysis of the Feingold Senate race by the Green Bay Press-Gazette.

How to save newspapers? Subsidize paper mills! But say it’s for farmers. Then you definitely will get the money.

Sensenbrenner and tea-baggers come together to mourn impending death panels.

Acquittal of man ruled insane because of fetal-alcohol syndrome. First such case in Wisconsin. However, the article sheds light on the massive prison sentences the guy is going to have to serve despite the ruling on his mental condition. It’s very disturbing.

John Nichols believes Wisconsin AFL-CIO President David Newby might be a better choice than Tom Barrett for the Dems.

State-Journal editorializes in favor of Rep. Mark Gottlieb’s proposal to revamp the Supreme Court selection process. Gottlieb’s proposal isn’t as bad as you’d expect from the GOP, but it is still flawed in that it allows judges to run for re-election.

Another proposal to make information available to police.

How to maintain ice rinks? Volunteers of course.

13 arrested and 43 ejected from Packers game.



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