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OK, OK. Series tied at 1. Taking it back to Philly. Meanwhile…in Wisconsin… A bunch of food from Parthenon Gyros. I live right across the street and have never been. High of 67 (!) today and dreary.


I don’t know what was more absurd – the letter to the editor by the president of the Dane County Tavern League or the obscenely unprofessional and biased decision of the opinion page to not edit the spelling and grammar mistakes. Although the writing would have been disappointing coming from a precocious 3rd grader – and should be an embarrassment to the League – many of the mistakes were innocuous and would have been simply edited in any other situation.

This is not the first time the Herald has had to deal with issues of minimizing rape.

“Jack Craver,you are not worth the smallest dingleberry in the Chicago 7’s butt-cheeks!” You gotta love the commenters.

Ad hoc committee to investigate improper behavior of UW Athletic Board members.

UW health care to include coverage for self-inflicted injury.

Jerry Bader, a Green Bay radio talk show host, has been suspended for alleging that Barbara Lawton dropped out of the race because of marital problems. The full text of what he said. Allegation of lesbianism is always predictable from a Limbaugh protégé.

People questioning Alcohol License Density Plan. Apparently it hasn’t been so effective at reducing crime.

Jim Sullivan working on OWI reform that would not include a liquor tax. Frankly, I’m surprised that stiffer fines weren’t the easy solution to pay for the reforms. This is the best part: There’s a pledge going around asking lawmakers to resign if they’re convicted of OWI. Bob Ziegelbauer (DINO – Manitowoc) is the only one to sign so far.

A series of mysterious grave vandalizations shakes Lodi.

The State Journal is happy that Freakfest is coming cheap. Dane101 interviews “Undead Zeppelin,” one of the bands playing tonight.

Scott Walker is laying off County workers like crazy. What would Kathleen Falk say to that Eric Schmidt?

Republicans continue to raise hell about auto insurance.


17 Responses to “Brunch Links”

  1. Steve Horn Says:

    I agree with you on the Letter to the Editor. I am appalled.

  2. Steve Horn Says:

    Appalled @ the extremely biased decision not to edit it, so as to make the other side look even dumber and more unprofessional. This is something Fox News would do. I thought the Herald was above this in its standards. If the letter was so bad that it had to be edited that much, either edit it, or just don’t run it. This was a true insult ethically.

  3. Kyle Szarzynski Says:

    The double standard is as absurd as it is obvious: The Herald would NEVER leave a piece unedited if it was written by one of their opinion writers, or if it came from an LTE in support of a paper’s postion. This is even more ridiculous when one considers that 1) The pieces of some staff members probably look even worse than this prior to editing and 2) There was almost certainly a more coherent and grammatically sturdy LTE in opposition to the boycott than the one printed. This was really just a childish attempt to belittle the opposition.

    With that said, I don’t particuarly care about this issue and, frankly, I find it beyond absurd that this is the campaign which the Herald Ed Board types have decided merits mass student participation. There is a lot of fucked up things in our community, and I think most people can see that the city’s alcohol policy relating to students – even if problematic – is not high on that list. What’s more, how must it appear to the rest of the local populace that the major issue taken up by the “campus elite” at the moment is booze?

    And the boycott idea is just silly – not that I plan on heading to the Nitty myself any time soon.

  4. Re: Kyle S. Says:

    Yeah, students should mobilize around something better. How about self-appointed student leaders who abandon their elected positions?

  5. Kyle Szarzynski Says:

    First, no one is mobilizing around this issue – it’s just some lame talk and self-indulgent maneuvering from a few people. Second, your comment is a non sequitur that doesn’t make any sense. Third, students have the right to resign from their extracurricular involvements, and these reasons can range from the desire to increase concentration on school work as one nears graduation to being forced out of one’s position due to bribery and intimidation of GSSF groups (but something tells me you didn’t opine anonymously regarding that student’s “abandoning” of his position). Fourth, why don’t you just put your name behind your comment, since you are obviously someone involved in campus politics? We all know that the non-participating anti-progressive critic of campus politics doesn’t exist, and that trolls like you exclusively have or do work for the Herald or ASM. On the other hand, if I am mistaken and you are a non-participant who trolls these boards, then that’s just sad, man.

    • The Sconz Says:

      Kyle, I’m not a big fan of anonymous comments either, but have you no sense of irony? Weren’t you the guy that was spotted leaving anonymous comments on the Critical Badger last year?

      • Kyle Szarzynski Says:

        Jack, there is no irony here at all. Allow me to explain the difference:

        I responded anonymously on the CB last year after repeatedly being personally attacked. Because you only take safe and widely popular positions in your commentary, you wouldn’t understand the exasperation that one may feel after being unfairly denounced on such a regular basis. Further, I had commented on the CB using my name numerous times before and each time was met with absurd and ad hominem nonsense. Further, everything I said in that (very short and relatively tame) comment I stand by entirely and, indeed, have expressed essentially the same sentiment on FT. I make no apology for telling someone that they are full of shit anonymously if they are going to provide a forum in which I am constantly slandered.

        What I do not do is troll various boards attacking people with whom I disagree; I don’t spend my time raining ad hominem idiocy on people with whom I have no connection or who has not made it his/her business to write lies about me. As I have stated many times, people who do such things (like the person I responded to above) are desperately pathetic and cowardly and NEED TO GET A LIFE. These types of right-wing losers are ubiquitous on forums on this campus and, fortunately, way out of the mainstream of opinion.

        I hope that clears up your misconception.

      • Re: Kyle S. Says:

        Translation: Hypocrisy is OK, so long as it is in the service of Kyle Szarzynski Presents Kyle Szarzynski’s Proletarian Revolution, Starring Kyle Szarzynski.

  6. Gerald Cox Says:

    Was that LTE for real? It’s like an onion piece or something!

  7. Eric Schmidt Says:

    Yes, Gerald, the LTE was for real. You can download a copy of the original, unsolicited letter from the BH website (just scroll down to the bottom of the article.) Definitely not an Onion piece. The fact that so many people I talked to today THOUGHT it was a gag says something about the quality of discourse coming from the Tavern League.

    And to Jack and Steve and Kyle — I don’t know why you’re so “appalled” by this. I reserve the right to edit all LTE’s for content and style. That doesn’t mean I have to do this in all cases. It is the journalistic norm to put “[sic]” after every instance of error. Here I felt that printing Barb’s letter without edits — as written to us on official letterhead — was more important than editing it for content and style. It’s an insult to the Badger Herald that someone attempting to discourse with us in a professional fashion saw no need to give her letter even a quick proofread. It’s important that readers know that only one side of this city-wide debate, from my calculations, is capable of being at all articulate. The letter that ran today was the letter Barb Mercer wanted in the paper. That’s the letter she saw there. Period.

    (Disclaimer: I cannot formally speak for the Badger Herald; the above comments speak to my professional judgment, not necessarily that of the managing editor or editor in chief.)

    • Kyle Szarzynski Says:

      Eric, I’m sorry to say but I don’t think your response accomplishes much. Presumably, when staff writers send you train-wreck pieces they “want” you to print their article, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t going to edit them/ Why do you edit them? So that the piece reads well.

      You didn’t edit this piece because you didn’t want it to read well. Anyway, you basically proved that exact point when you state that, by not editing it, you meant to show “readers…that only one side of this city-wide debate is capable of being at all articulate.” I agree with that entirely. You didn’t edit it because you were making a point – specifically, a point meant to undermine the Tavern League.

      The nail in the coffin of the unfairness was your decision of the title. Sure, the article’s mistakes were the author’s, but the words in the title were yours. The title was chosen to ridicule the author and, by extension, the points she represents.

  8. Eric Schmidt Says:

    I’ll admit this decision can be debated, although I personally stand by it.

    In the meantime, though, I can confirm that Barb’s letter was 20 times more poorly written than anything my writers have given me to edit this semester. So don’t insult my writers, please.

    And even if you disagree with the decision to print the letter unedited, I hope you realize that the context of editing and publishing columns is much different than the context of editing (or not editing) and publishing LTE’s. The author of an LTE is not representing the Badger Herald; any columnist, good writer or bad writer, is.

  9. Kyle Szarzynski Says:

    Indeed, I apologize for insulting “your” writers.

  10. Emma R. Says:

    Eric – Yes, LTE’s do not represent the Herald’s views, but they do reflect the value you place on the content of the paper. When you value degradation (and the headline makes it explicitly clear that was the intent) over responsible editing, that is plainly immature.

    Side note: Using [sic] may be commonplace, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a douche move – if you have to use [sic], you should paraphrase instead. Paraphrasing doesn’t apply to LTE’s, but it shouldn’t have to – the writer of the LTE recognizes the paper has the right to edit the content without changing its meaning. Take pride in the quality of your content, even if you don’t agree with it.

  11. Gerald Cox Says:

    Oh stoooooop. The Herald made the right choice. I think students should know that the Tavern League doesn’t respect us enough to write a grammatically cogent letter when insulting us.

  12. Paul A. Says:

    Gerald’s right. If you’re going to take the time to write a LTE, you better take the time to actually go over and make your corrections.

    To paraphrase Eliot, Lincoln, and Twain:

    “It is better to keep your keyboard silent and be thought a fool, than to punch the keys and remove all doubt.”

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