A Madison man for governor?


Looks like the Dems might have found another candidate to match up with Scott Walker.

A relative and informal adviser confirmed that Kevin T. Conroy, president and chief executive officer of Exact Sciences Corp., is considering a run.

Doyle said Conroy, whose company is seeking to commercialize a cancer-screening technology, is a “really remarkable” guy.

“He has been a really creative and effective business person in this state and, you know, it will be up to him to make his decision on what he wants to do. But he’s a person who has really accomplished a lot at a young age,” Doyle said.

You gotta admit, he’s very studly. Almost more so than Scott Walker (but obviously no match for Mark Neumann). The cancer-screening technology and innovation card would work well with the electorate, especially if he were running against a career politician (as cliché as the charge is) like Walker. Who’s a bigger hero? The man who’s curing cancer or the guy who saved the grandma from a drunk? Now that would be a primary worth watching.

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2 Responses to “A Madison man for governor?”

  1. Gerald Cox Says:

    Why the sudden paucity of Democratic recruits?

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