Rat trapping out of recession


Mike Ivey has come up with an original proposal for getting Wisconsin back on track: extermination. Of rodents that is.

The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals claims it has won a fight with a Madison company over assertions that its glue traps don’t cause ensnared rodents to suffer.

Motomco Ltd., a division of Bell Laboratories, disputes PETA’s version of events and says the animal rights group is way off base.

But if nothing else, thank PETA for introducing me to Bell Laboratories, which employs some 300 people at its three east side facilities near the Dane County Regional Airport – a lot more than the number of workers at five new Madison biotech firms Gov. Jim Doyle touted last week at a news conference.

Not too many politicians highlight pestilence control as a source of economic stimulus, maybe because it might highlight other failures of local governments to preserve certain sanitation standards etc. However, I must say, I am in much greater need of an exterminator than a biotech firm right now. Not only did I find a dead mouse in my room the other week, but every night when I go to sleep to the sound of something scratching behind the walls. Constantly scratching, scratching, scratching…There’s also a rancid smell of death that comes and goes, seemingly without reason or pattern.
Pestilence control is a great business venture. Let’s just hope the politicians don’t start scheming of ways to subsidize it. Next thing you know we’ll have department of interior officials releasing thousands of rats into the streets.

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2 Responses to “Rat trapping out of recession”

  1. Jim Arndt Says:

    You’re in college right? Rodents in the wall is par for the course. I once watched two mice come out of the middle of the burner above my oven and take off across the counter.

    You’ll miss it when its gone.

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