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Should be pleasant today but not as nice as tomorrow, when it’s supposed to get up in the 60’s. World Series starts tonight. Eating in Madison A to Z described today’s brunch from Northside Family Restaurant as lacking nuance.



Badger Herald ed board piece, almost definitely written by Sean Kittridge (outside chance written by Joey Labuz), supports lifting state ban on nuclear power. But somebody – Eric Schmidt I assume – dissents, as does the Democratic Party of Milwaukee.

Come on. Let’s get this student loan thing resolved. And do I smell a Badger Herald feature story? This time its on student health care.

Zach Schuster says environmentalists should look to microbreweries for inspiration.

ASM is now getting in on the ALRC politics.

Many computers hacked in the Chemistry building and thousands of social security numbers exposed. C’mon guys. I’d expect that carelessness from the Comp-Lit department – not the lab dorks.

Tommy Thompson’s brother going to run for State Senate in Tomah.

Roof gardens and libraries. You can’t say no to that.

MATC re-branding itself as Madison College.

“That means that one in 20 self-identified Republicans do not have confidence in the party’s leaders to do right by the country.” That is the least impressive stat you could have cited John Nichols. The rest of the article is OK.

Two Supreme Court justices actually believe in reforming the system that funds their campaigns.

Why do you think Doyle flip-flopped on the DNR board issue? Just follow the money, says Zach Wisniewski.

Blaming Lawton for having in-laws who pollute? Sheesh. If I have to answer for my in-laws I suspect I better not get into politics.

And you knew it was coming…the Tom Barrett for gov website is up. Unofficial.

4 Responses to “Brunch Links”

  1. Eric Schmidt Says:

    Jack, the dissent was indeed mine. This isn’t a breach of confidentiality, since dissents are supposed to appear in the paper and online signed.


  2. Ordinary Jill Says:

    Mr. and Mrs. Christiansen have certainly come up with a clever strategy to get their 19-year-old son to get a job and move out of their house. They might want to find a proof-reader for their website, though. Their report of Jared’s birth makes it sound like he’s his own uncle.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Indeed, Ordinary Jill. I was just about to comment on this sentence: “Jared Gary Christiansen was born on October 21,1991, to the parents of Todd and Rosemary Christiansen, both of whom are truck drivers.”

      So he was born to his parents’ parents? All four of them? Would he be his own uncle? What the hell?

  3. samuel Says:

    hi, I like your blog. So many info and urls it contains. Its like a heavy dinner to the readers

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