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Should be a pleasant day today. Sunny with a high of 57 and a low of 38. Just a cappuccino today.


Make sure to check out Kristin Czubkowski’s run-down of important city meetings this week.

Herald emphasizes its boycott position. Encourages everybody to show up for City Council vote on the proposal next week.

Freakfest plans to host 30 to 40 thousand.

Kyle Szarzynski removed from SSFC for attendance issues. Couldn’t there be a sexier reason?

Republican Party of Wisconsin reacts in poor taste to Lawton’s withdrawal, saying that “Doyle and the White House derailed her candidacy.” If personal issues do surface as the reason for her withdrawal it could look bad for the GOP. Barett, where are you?

Andrew Carpenter opines on the Pledge of Allegiance. A little generic but reminds me of my senior year English teacher, who always said the pledge but always omitted “under God.” Carpenter also should have researched the origin of the inclusion of “under God” in the pledge. It wasn’t always there. It was added during the 1950’s in the midst of anti-Communist hysteria.

Amendments adding up on city budget.

City is poor. State just might be poorer.

Jeff Tyberg says we need term limits in Wisconsin. If we get that, then we can give the pols longer terms.

I tend to believe much of the Progressive-era citizen-decide-everything legacy is misguided, however, Chris Liebenthal raises some interesting points about the Journal-Sentinel’s recent opposition to referenda.

A Wisconsin man desperately “wants stimulus.” He details his attempts to get it. I promise, it’s PG.

Noble Wray is the man! Who destroyed Halloween!

An important piece of info I missed yesterday: the Regional Transit Authority was approved by two key committees and the Dane County Board is expected to deal with the issue soon.

Wow, UWM Democrats are much rowdier than the ones we got here. Who are you guys sending mops to Paul Axel?


3 Responses to “Brunch Links”

  1. Paul A. Says:


  2. Paul A. Says:

    Oh. It took me a bit to find the press release.

    In short, I don’t know. Ask someone on the e-board.

    I suppose a mop would be more appropriate than a vacuum. A mop says, “help clean up the mess.” A vacuum says, “you just suck.”

  3. Emma R. Says:

    it was more mayor dave that called for the halloween gentrification

    and read the cutline on that photo in the ssfc article: “SSFC Vice Chair Michael Romenesko sits at Monday’s meeting with Szarzynski’s nametag in the back.”

    i usually try to refrain from acronyms but… ORLY???

    alternative: “Students’ understanding of SSFC is (almost) as blurry as this photo.”

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