Lt. Gov. Barbara Lawton is dropping out of next year’s governor’s election. In an email message to her supporters, Lawton cited “very personal reasons” for leaving the field open to other Democrats.

My deep commitment to our state is second only to my commitment to my family.  For very personal reasons, I will not pursue the Democratic nomination for governor in 2010.

Now people are expecting Barrett to declare, but might there be others as well?


11 Responses to “LAWTON OUT”

  1. Eric Schmidt Says:

    Well of course there’ll be others, including my dark horse favorite…


  2. Jaimie Chapman Says:

    Too bad- we could really use a woman like this representing our state.

  3. illusory tenant Says:

    an email message to her supporter

    Come on now.

  4. Ryan Says:

    Barrett should run. But I’m also partial to a Cieslewicz run, mostly because his name is fun to say.

  5. Irish Frog Says:

    I liked Lawton fine, I just didn’t think she could win a statewide race. I think Barrett can, but I wish he had gotten into the race before the democratic bench was totally cleared. With no one else out there, it looks a little like we’re putting in the bat boy. That said:

  6. Gerald Cox Says:

    Oh no. What are we about to learn about Lt. Gov. Lawton?

  7. Paul A. Says:

    I wager someone in the family is very sick. Or something from back home is coming to bite her in the ass.

    While I agree with Frog that Lawton probably could not have won a statewide race, I’d argue that Barrett is no “bat boy.” He seems to be the person everyone has been calling to enter the ring, while he’s been “ignoring” those calls.

    I expect an announcement from Barrett within the week.

  8. Gerald Cox Says:

    What’s the issue with Lawton and a state wide race? Can’t the Canasottians (my name for northern Wisconsinites) handle a female governor? Don’t tell me she’s too progressive?

  9. Irish Frog Says:

    Sorry Paul, I misspoke. I like Barrett, he’s always been my favorite. I just think that strong primaries consisting of many capable candidates produce the best results for the people.

    For some reason no one on the Dem side wants this job (and one of the strongest statewide Republicans, Van Hollen, also doesn’t want this job). I don’t want Barrett to run because he feels like he has to represent the Democrats, I want him to run because he has real solutions to our problems. I guess I just hate coronations, even if I’m in support of the only candidate.

    /Go Tom!

  10. Kevin Bargnes Says:

    cox, I don’t think she has too much name recognition outside of madison. most people you’d ask in eau claire or green bay would have no idea who the lt gov is.

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