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Phillies-Yankees. New York and its gritty, jealous younger brother, the City of Brotherly Love, in the World Series. Philly transit workers have celebrated the occasion with a strike. Atrios is unhappy. Or proud? If you want an omelette and some toast, the Parkway Family Restaurant just might be for you.


Terrence Wall has finally declared himself for Senate next year. Meanwhile, his opponent is organizing opposition to a troop increase in Afghanistan. Strategizing with other members of Congress to prevent it. He is also “optimistic” on the public option. Whatever you say buddy.

UW to grant illegal immigrants in-state tuition. Very good decision. Could Steve Nass Mike Mikelsen not be reached for a token comment of opposition? Nevertheless, there are very few immigrants at UW anyway.

Guess how much money Brett Bielema makes?

County reaches deal with AFSCME. Wages will be cut 3 percent. Speaking of ASCME, the union just endorsed former Sen. Mark Dayton’s plans to run against Pawlenty in next year’s MN governor’s race.

Verveer proposes greater oversight of downtown safety initiative. Says city spending too much time enforcing drinking age.

Push to give state superintendent broad new powers over chronically failing schools. Will be able to personally order curriculum and personnel changes. WEAC might support it?!

Former DNR secretary claims Doyle forced him out because he pushed for a clean-up of the Charter St Heating Plant.

Abstinence-only education is dying but it might finally be killed in Wisconsin.

I do hate multiple choice tests. They actually make my geology course a lot harder.

An NRA member discusses the push-polling the organization uses.

Teabaggers are bringing a message of hope! Maybe it will be as inspiring as swastikas in a field. By the way, you should definitely check out James Harris, one of the head tea partiers in the area.

4 Responses to “Brunch Links”

  1. Jason Smathers Says:


  2. Emma R. Says:

    You forgot this one:

  3. Alec S Says:

    Is this geology course you refer to geo 110? (evolution and extinction?) If so, just wait until the test on which species involved in which geological period…rote memorization at its worst.

  4. Todd Stevens Says:

    Correction on your Minnesota governor’s race link: Pawlenty announced earlier this year he won’t run for reelection. Dayton (if he gets out of the primary, which considering how ineffective he was as a senator is far from a given) will most likely run against former Minnesota House Minority Leader Marty Seifert, who looks like the strongest GOP candidate so far.

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