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The internet is so slow and I think I may have come down with that pig flu thing. So Brunch Links is limited today. Weather is shitty. That being said, the PHILLIES ARE NATIONAL LEAGUE CHAMPIONS.

The tragic comedy of Rep. Jeff Wood continues. 5th offense OWI. My theory is he’s doing it to promote the OWI reforms in process. Taking one for the team.

ALRC rejects adding student voting member to committee. Why is that not the main focus on the Herald article on the meeting? Pub gets entertainment license? Although I must say, the story that lead into was very intriguing. Pub owner says he never had any intention to sell the bar, and that information Ald. Mike Verveer provided the Sconz and the Herald is incorrect.

While attending the annual Association of American Universities in Montreal…” What’s wrong with that sentence? Does “America” in that sense mean “the Americas”?

Doyle credits Lawton with promoting the arts and being quite visible. Ouch. He also calls for ending medical marijuana prohibition.

UW professor recognized for work on tobacco addiction.

That would be very interesting…how many State Supreme Court Justices would vote to bar themselves from presiding in cases where campaign contributors are involved?

John Nichols has apparently spent too much time writing editorials. He calls it unfair to disparage Fox News as “not news” just because it presents opinions. Very true, but real news organizations have a separation between editorial and reporting. Fox, like other cable news outlets, does not.

Liberals keep hammering away at Terrence Wall for tax loopholes.

Article in New York Times about the man who has seen more executions than any other American.


10 Responses to “Brunch Links”

  1. Emma R. Says:

    From what I understand, the ALRC didn’t address the student voting member position until the very end of the meeting because “boutique bowling” is apparently more important than more student representation in the city.

    In other news, Marsh Shapiro and the Tavern League doesn’t think students understand the bar scene here:

    “Marsh Shapiro, ALRC member and owner of The Nitty Gritty, said the Dane County Tavern League was adamant about not having the amendment pass. He added he didn’t see any reason for a student to vote on the committee, and that it would take too long for a student voting member to become knowledgeable about the Madison bar scene.”

  2. Paul A. Says:

    I can understand Shapiro’s resistance to a student voting member. He probably thinks that a student would always vote in favor of awarding licenses, thus increasing the number of bars and alcohol venues in the city. More bars, less revenue for Shapiro since his Nitty Gritty suffers from competition. Since he’s looking to sell the Nitty, decreased revenue means decreased value of his property, and less money for him overall.

    Of course, he could increase the value of his property by making an effort to remain competitive through improvements to the Nitty, but he’s shown no desire to do so. It remains a loud, crowded location with bad music packed with birthday celebrants, reminiscing alumni, and out-of-towners who don’t know any better. It’s much easier, and cheaper, for him to bitch and moan about the ALRC, and since he’s got the Tavern League by the nuts, he’s got a chorus to back him up.

  3. Bryon Says:

    Video from the meeting is available online at:

    I suggest forwarding to 4 hr 12 min

  4. Jesse Says:

    I think the discussion regarding Shapiro merits me pointing out my last paragraph and the unfortunate ALRC double standard regarding members. I’m not sure why council members – voting or not – should receive special privileges when they are representing their personal interests:

    “The Nitty Gritty requested an upgrade in capacity based on recent inspections. The Nitty will now hold 402 people instead of 375. The owner of the Nitty Gritty is the ALRC’s Tavern League representative Marsh Shapiro. When Shapiro was preparing to speak regarding the capacity at his business he was told by Hart that time requirements that all other license applicants are held to would be waived because of Shapiro’s position on the ALRC.”

  5. The Sconz Says:

    Emma, I would have linked to that Cardinal article but I can’t get the damn site to load. Is it just me?

  6. Paul A. Says:

    So there’s gonna be a big write-up from you about the boycott, yes?

  7. uberVU - social comments Says:

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    This post was mentioned on Twitter by jjoyce: The Pub becomes a music venue. Cover band central??? RT @thesconz: Brunch Links.

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