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Good morning. It’s warm and gray today. Everybody psyched for another election in Afghanistan? Karzai is wondering how he could possibly have neglected to steal less than the 50 percent needed. He is not only corrupt, he is apparently inept and stupid. Brunch today is courtesy of Madison Brunch, a blog that is rarely updated and seldom provides good pictures. But I found one that works from Lazy Jane’s on Willy St.

lazy brunch

EMINENT DOMAIN! Brothers bar sues UW board of regents in attempt to block seizure of its property for new UW music hall.

Sean Kittridge: “These are not images of progress; they are academic distortions. Just like dinosaurs.” The two lines Kittridge dedicates to making a point weren’t very good, but some of the jokes were funny.

UW diversity programs reveal horrible numbers: “The UW-Madison four-year graduation rate for PEOPLE students was 9.8 percent for the class that enrolled in the fall of 2005.”

Not the best approach to diversity: “Professor Adam Gamoran pointed out the football team plays an especially large role here, accounting for almost an eighth of black students on campus.”

Surprise! The College Republicans find their rallying cry: the beer tax.

Michael Schumacher on Central Library referendum proposal: “It’s one of those moments where you feel there’s something in the air.”

State is trying to reform its child care program. Lawmakers are sure bragging about it.

Instead of a library referendum, says the Cap Times Ed Board, we should have one on TIF money for private investments.

State Journal Ed Board: “Drivers shouldn’t be charged a higher fee to boost county spending on social services unrelated to driving – especially during such challenging times.” Why not?

Council approves ban on food carts near schools. I didn’t think Jin’s Chicken and Fish was food you didn’t want  kids eating for lunch everyday. But apparently it’s not about that.

Bringing Target to area proves to be controversial.

Forward Wisconsin! Feds call Wisconsin’s contingency plans for holding elections during a flu pandemic “forward thinking.”

Feingold introduces “Control Spending Now Act.” The bill would also institute reforms to the earmarking process, agricultural subsidies and “corporate welfare.” Here’s Feingold’s explanation.

The case for Barrett begins.


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  1. Gerald Cox Says:

    Good thing I’m not in the PEOPLE Program as a student (I was involved with it for year as a tutor and assistant). My epic three senior year five and a half year graduation rate is at 100%, assuming I don’t fail anything this semester.

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