Good thing Coasties don’t drive here


Because Wisconsin is close to outlawing texting while driving.

When the bill first came to the floor, it only would have applied to drivers under 18. But lawmakers pushed to expand the ban to all drivers.

After some debate and a partisan caucus, an amendment was passed that makes texting illegal for all drivers. The amended bill was approved 27-5 with Dem Sen. Jeff Plale joining GOP Sens. Glenn Grothman, Neal Kedzie, Mary Lazich and Joe Leibham in voting against it.

Funny. Whenever there is a hyper-minority of Republican votes, anybody who regularly reads the Wheeler Report recognizes the names of those lawmakers who submit columns or press releases practically every day. Yes, the loudest wing of the Republican Party is its most extreme one.


2 Responses to “Good thing Coasties don’t drive here”

  1. Jesse Says:

    I don’t understand your jab at Coasties? New England has been very progressive about banning cell phones and texting while driving. Connecticut, my home state, was one of the first states in the Union to ban talking on cell phones while driving. Wisconsin is way behind on this legislation.

  2. The Sconz Says:

    You are right Jesse. New York banned it a while ago. It was simply a reference to the reputation of coasties as BBM messaging fanatics.

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