Comedy at the Herald


For anybody looking for 7-10 minutes of solid comedy, the “David Archuletta incident” at the Herald is a very worthy choice. Archuletta, the baby faced American Idol contestant, was recently given a bad review by a Herald arts writer, Ann Rivall. The article garnered the response of literally hundreds of angry Archuletta partisans. In response, Herald Arts editor Cailey Hammel wrote “An open letter to Archuletta fans.” In response to that, a journalism professor from an obscure university submitted a letter to the editor protesting unprofessional student journalism.

The ultimate irony is that on the same day that the Herald printed an LTE which discouraged writers from confronting anonymous comments, Dan Carter wrote a column in response to nasty anonymous comments on his previous article. The headline “Anonymous says this piece blows,” was classic.


5 Responses to “Comedy at the Herald”

  1. Gerald Cox Says:

    I’m actually not a fan of responding to commenters, and especially Anonymous ones. When I first began writing at the Herald, in fact, it was prohibited. I think that changed either after Bassey left or Smathers/Granias. I believe I may have done so 2 or 3 times, however, but considering I wrote dozens of columns, I’d say I mostly stuck to my guns.

    HOOOOOWWWEEVVEERRR. Considering the amount of people that I have met who JUST read the headlines of our columns and the comments, and not the content, I can see why a columnist would at least want to set some misconceptions wrong in the comments section.

    It’s a toughy. I opted to stay above the fray for the most part.

  2. Gerald Cox Says:

    Set misconceptions straight, even.

  3. The Sconz Says:

    Gerald, haven’t seen you around. Hope to retain you as a Sconz commenter.

  4. J Sonneman Says:

    Your BIG however has a point, Gerald (though whether it was worthy of caplocks is debatable). But if the problem is that if some people only read headlines and comments, what would posses them to read any explanations? I don’t think addressing particular anonymous comments is really worth much space in a newspaper.

    The comment on Carter’s piece at 12:32 and the response an hour later is pretty funny, so the lesson learned maybe that anonymous commentators can be useful.

  5. shane Says:

    Every time i read the comments sections for stuff written in the campus papers it amazes me how ignorant so many of the students are. (assuming most of them are students)

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