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Yesterday was too good to be true. A beautiful day and a dramatic Phillies victory. Today is showing some promise. It is an off-day for the Phils, but it’s not supposed to get lower than 49. Partly cloudy, but maybe the sun will win out like it did yesterday. Brunch is from, you know it, Papa John’s. Frankly I’m surprised the people at Eating in Madison gave it such high marks. B’s? Grade inflation is an epidemic.


Journalists unite! A six month old collaborative health care study by Madison independent journalists is finally coming to fruition. Over the next couple weeks the Cap Times, the Badger Herald, Madison Magazine and some others will be running pieces about health care in the area.

Doyle trying to get Wisconsin in line for federal education dollars. Test-based teacher evaluation is necessary for us to get the money. What’s WEAC going to do?

Frank Lloyd Wright landmark in danger from development. You can bet Brenda Konkel will be on the case.

Discrimination against ‘black bars’ in Madison?

Dave Zweifel thinks city should chip in for new central park. Apparently a skateboard park would be included. Interesting because I have heard from several boarders that the sport is virtually illegal on Madison streets.

Republican lawmaker wants automatic DNA collection upon arrest.

Eric Schmidt and Sean Kittridge “co-write” a column encouraging students to care about SSFC. The enormous paragraphs and the reference to the Roman Catholic Foundation are evidence that Schmidt actually wrote the vast majority of it.

Frat boys are apparently not the only ones growing keen on the Edgewater project.

Amen Andrew Carpenter: “It’s not that the students don’t care about the [Badgers] game, they are late because they care about beer more.”

Terrence Wall is going to be so battered and bruised before he declares his senate bid that he just might flee to Delaware.

And last but certainly not least…

Sarah Palin is coming to Milwaukee!

5 Responses to “Brunch Links”

  1. JmSR Says:

    Remember that a B from us at EiMAtZ represents the food, natch, but also the service and, importantly, the liklihood of returning. I’d love to eat at Roman Candle and Glass Nickel more often, but price is also a factor when you’re feeding a hoard.

    My pizza ratings to date (remembering that we still have 6 pizza spots in a row later this very letter):
    A Cafe Porta Alba, Greenbush Bar, Glass Nickel
    A- La Rocca’s, Gumby’s, Gino’s, Lombardino’s, JB’s Italian Grille
    B+ Ian’s, Figaro’s, Grandview Cafe, Falbo Brothers, Benvenuto’s
    B Papa John’s
    B- Maria’s Pizza, Chuck E. Cheese, Buck’s, Cosi
    C+ Boston’s the Gourmet Pizza, MiaZa’s
    C: Little Caesars

    which I think is close to the correct order, even if it is all a little high.

  2. Gerald Cox Says:

    Lol@the Schmidt writing the vast majority of it comment.

  3. Todd Stevens Says:

    That “C” for Little Caesar’s is a travesty. The crazy bread alone merits at least a B-.

  4. Eric Schmidt Says:

    Craver, Craver, Craver…

    I’ve never seen you opine on who “actually wrote the vast majority” of our Ed Board statements, even though you could use similar logic to deduce this. It’s the signatures that matter, not the actual authors.

    This was a statement from the opinion desk, co-signed by both opinion editors.

  5. The Sconz Says:

    JmSR – Fair enough. I forgot about prices. When is Pizza di Roma coming up?

    Schmidt – In the past I have taken guesses at who wrote ed board pieces. In fact, I think you once responded.

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