Brunch Links


Another comfortable day in Madison. Partly cloudy with a high of 59 and a low of 42. This assortment of grub comes from the Bayou, a Capital-area bar/grill that should not be patronized after 8 p.m. Via Eating in Madison A to Z, of course.


Grocery shoppers in Hayward got an unexpected surprise when a 125-pound black bear wandered inside and headed straight for the beer cooler.

UW spent 3rd most on research in country last year.

I saw Mike Verveer the other night in the midst of an ALRC bar crawl: ALRC Chair David Hart agreed with Crim, saying the night had been an eye-opening experience.

Haha: “Dunn also said he did not expect the free trip to jeopardize any objectivity from the fraternity members in their view of the Edgewater project.”

Sounds like Republicans are giving to wrong candidates: “Challengers for Kind, Obey and Kagen have raised more than $100,000 each for their congressional bids, according to campaign finance reports due to the Federal Election Commission on Friday.”

Only Mitt Romney has the right idea: Get Tommy Thompson to run for Senate.

Why isn’t anyone talking about the Regional Transit Authority?

I’m starting to think the Cap Times ed board is run by bloggers. They keep quoting politicians at length in editorials.

Former Democratic congressman and TV reporter Jay Johnson dies at age 66.

Journal Sentinel joins most Wisconsin residents in supporting the beer tax.

Paul Soglin lauds proposal to ban alcoholics from liquor stores: “Years ago we had a law in Wisconsin that allowed the sheriff to post the names of chronic alcoholics and have them banned from county taverns.”

State Journal: Madison needs to confront its “fear of heights” and redo its zoning code.

Cap Times: How community lending can work.

Republicans introduce performance pay for teachers.

I was not told about this when I was choosing a seminar: “Johnstone is one of 20 students in Professor Jeremi Suri’s upper level history seminar who was given Kindle DXs – one of Amazon’s digital readers – to use for free as part of a pilot program at UW-Madison.”

Like Madison, Milwaukee faces tough decisions on public TV.

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