Brunch Links


I’m starting to think I may have to delete my Twitter account. That bug has really run wild. Phillies series starts tonight. A calzone from Osteria Papavero. From Eating in Madison A to Z, of course. Cold and rainy today.


I always wondered why state legislators would bother fight so hard to hold on to such an unsexy job: “The study by WPRI Senior Fellow Christian Schneider found that since 1977 the average age of Wisconsin’s state senators and representatives has increased 12 and 13 years respectively.”

Mercury Marine under fire: The corporation pressured workers in Fond du Lac to accept large concessions and got local taxpayers to dole out $53 million in incentives — all the while it hasn’t paid a dime in state income taxes since 2000.

While there are risks to the venture [Passenger Rail], he said, one goal is “bringing manufacturing jobs back to the Midwest.”

Looks like your best bet for a job in Wisconsin is to graduate from high school but NOT to graduate from college.

Milwaukee officials may be willing to allow concealed-carry in exchange for more important gun restrictions.

Crackdowns on child care supporters continues.

And the right wingers are still worried about domestic partnerships. Don’t worry teapartiers, it’s a long way until same-sex marriage in Wisconsin.

Journal Sentinel: We need more stimulus!

Who in corporate America wants more stimulus? Road builders.

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