Stimulus saved jobs in Wisconsin



Governor Jim Doyle today announced that the Wisconsin Office of Recovery and Reinvestment on Saturday filed a comprehensive report with the federal government detailing Recovery money spent through the state of Wisconsin, and what impact these dollars are having in Wisconsin communities.

The State of Wisconsin oversaw nearly $680 million in ARRA expenditures during the first reporting quarter. These expenditures are responsible for saving or creating 8,284 full-time jobs, including 6,100 essential public service jobs, such as teachers, police officers and firefighters. More than 89,000 meals were served to 9,175 homebound seniors, and 240 homes are having lead paint removed. Thousands of Wisconsin youths have gained summer work experience and Americorps has been active at 139 locations across the state.

Divide those numbers up: that comes to $82,085 per job.


3 Responses to “Stimulus saved jobs in Wisconsin”

  1. bucky badger Says:

    i think you missed a zero… 680,000,000 / 8284 = $82,085 per job.

  2. The Sconz Says:

    Whoops, thanks for spotting that.

  3. PPJ Gazette » Blog Archive » Wisconsin: A state under seige by its own government Says:

    […] Stimulus saved jobs in Wisconsin […]

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