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Good mid-morning. And then there were four: Phils-Dodgers in the NLCS and the Yanks-Angels in the ALCS. Partly cloudy with high of 46 and low of 33 today in Madison. A sandwich from Panera, courtesy of Eating in Madison A to Z.


City library is going through and the Edgewater is getting TIF money. Opponents say the fight continues.

Meanwhile, more TIF funding was added to the Capital Budget, including Mike Verveer’s plan for improvements to Capitol Square. I believe he told me “maximum” $1.8 million and it came out to $1.9 million. These better be some marble sidewalks.

State Senator relays this message from a judge: “Putting anyone in jail has an adverse affect,” one of the judges told me. “Lengthy jail or prison sentences are not an effective way to treat alcoholism.”

Here’s a talking point for the next Democrat who faces Paul Ryan: 94 percent of Ryan’s PAC contributions are out-of-state.

Sconnie legislators make another go at reciprocity with the Sodies.

Kittridge writes a funny article about public television.

Among the many meetings Kristin Czubkowski lists this week is the Low-Income Bus Pass Program Committee, which will be looking into options to lessen the fare burden on the city’s poor.

Herald ed board: As with the Madison Initiative last spring, there should be a huge push by the administration to inform all students of the plans for restructuring. Instead of guest columns and cookies, we’ve gotten … nothing.

Andrew Carpenter, for Cardinal, emphasizes pragmatism for gay rights groups. And the Cardinal ed board argues for the elimination of the Secretary of State position in Wisconsin.

Lots of news about the Great Lakes these days. The Political Environment is making constant updates, as is Great Lakes blogger, who is dissatisfied with the movement.


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