Mixed Martial Arts to be regulated


Several lawmakers are supporting a bill to regulate mixed martial arts inWisconsin.

Among the standards in the companion bills are pre- and post-fight physicals, licensed physicians present at ringside during each match; on-site emergence medical personnel and ambulances on premise; regular health exams for athletes; screening for HIV and hepatitis and pregnancy testing; policies prohibiting the use of steroids; licensing requirements for referees, promotes and athletes; other standards designed to ensure MMA matches are conducted safely.

Couple thoughts. Supposedly the bill enjoys bipartisan support. But what kind of self-respecting, liberty-loving Republican could possibly vote for a bill that requires health check-ups? Also, since there’s no mention of eye gouging, there’s still a possibility that MMA, which currently bans the practice, will one day evolve into a somewhat masculine sport once again.


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4 Responses to “Mixed Martial Arts to be regulated”

  1. Ordinary Jill Says:

    I’m also curious as to why the State’s two largest law enforcement organizations were asked to endorse the bill. Do the police usually get involved with the regulation of sports?

  2. Paul Axel Says:

    Generally, events that do not meet the regulations are unsanctioned. Who ends up breaking up these events? The police.

    This can be especially true with the burgeoning sport of MMA. Since it’s so popular, there’s almost certainly groups that try to organize “MMA” fights and sell tickets to it- think of it as “Fight Club for Profit.” Like Fight Club, these fights are underground, cash-only, totally off the books. There may be someone trained in first aid on hand, but almost certainly no doctor, and certainly no ambulance.

    It’s very similar to the boxing situation. To stymie the backyard boxing matches, fights have to adhere to license requirements regarding safety and most everything else mentioned in the quote above.


    […] Mixed Martial Arts to be regulated in Wisconsin […]

  4. spencervlog Says:

    We do need some standards and regulations for longevity of the sport.

    We want to do our part. http://www.mmaca.net

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