Edgewater not the only ones on “vacation”


This time it’s a hotel near Camp Randall that has halted development indefinitely. State Journal:

Developer and architect Bob Sieger had said earlier this year that the plan was to open in time for part of the football season. In an interview last week, Sieger said construction was halted because of product delays. He had two crews running throughout the summer to make the deadline.

“The original goal was to push like crazy to see if we could have gotten any of the football season,” Sieger said. “What we were trying to achieve in the fall was not achievable.”

That hurts. Any developer would be licking his chomps at the prospect of setting up a hotel right next to Camp Randall. Just like all the bars in the area, gameday would likely provide more than enough revenue to sustain otherwise slow activity throughout the rest of the year (think Regent Street Retreat).

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