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My condolences to all you Twins fans out there. Especially Sean Kittridge. I know Jason Joyce of Isthmus is also a fan, however, after so many years in Wisconzin, he allows himself to root for the Crew occasionally. Personally I am bummed that I will never get to see the Metrodome, however, I am also very happy about the outcome of the Phillies game. I am also glad I watched the game in the comfort of my living room, rather than at Coors Field, where the weather was so cold even the beer was freezing.


Caesar Salad from Eating in Madison A to Z.

Isthmus cover story on Wisconsin’s abysmal record of bringing federal dollars home. Will address the arguments later.

Listen up Sheriff Mahoney: “Rather than broadening the reach of law enforcement, using local police can cause immigrant crime victims to fear the police and divert the police from fighting crime.”

Conservatives gather in Wauwatosa for an intensely intellectual dialogue on the the pitfalls of universal healthcare.

Grad school needs reform, says Biddy Martin.

Smokers going South: “With a carton of cigarettes costing $15 to $20 more in Wisconsin, Mussina and other merchants near the state line say they’re being hammered.”

Cardinal ed board supports ALRC student voting member. By the way, when was the last time the Herald had an editorial?

David Zweifel, presumably paid by Eric Schmidt, lauds Kathleen Falk’s management of county budget.

Virtual schooling successful. We’re not talking about Phoenix, we’re talking about Kindergarteners taking classes online.

Wall Street bonus culture seems to have hit the Wisconsin Investment Board.

What fact about Door County do you lack in your arsenal of general Wisconsin knowledge? Feingold’s blog will tell you.

No to beer tax: “If the governor and his cronies want to raise funds to support treatment programs, provide overtime and new playthings for cops and establish an entrepreneural culture of grant-writing do-gooders, let them legalize pot and tax that.”

Martin Feldstein has intriguing health care proposal: Cap out of pocket costs at 15 percent of income.


5 Responses to “Brunch Links”

  1. Anan Says:

    “David Zweifel, presumably paid by Eric Schmidt, lauds Kathleen Falk’s management of county budget.”

    Getting a bit feisty.

  2. Eric Schmidt Says:

    Yeah, I was going to say…based on what the Herald pays me, it’s highly unlikely I could have paid off anyone to write an editorial….

    But alright. Kathleen Falk. If and when she passes her budget through, she should immediately declare her candidacy for governor. This consensus around Lawton feels like slow, slow suicide — I used to own a guppy with a better chance of beating Scott Walker.

    (And incidentally, I met Mr. Walker at a pro-life dinner two weeks ago, and the man is already acting like he has it in the bag.)

  3. Jason Smathers Says:

    When are you two going to hold a public debate on the gov. candidates? Or film a bloggerheads?

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Craver, we probably should do this ASAP, I agree.

  5. Eric Schmidt Says:

    Craver, we probably should do this as soon as possible, to interject a little life into this conversation. Maybe Kathleen Falk could make a cameo appearance in whatever we film (either that or her totally gregarious press secretaries…)

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