Keep procrastinating


Besides a desire to take a vacation every once in a while, I generally don’t put up as much content during the weekend because people aren’t reading as much during that time – they presumably have better things to do. However, I have noticed a marked difference between numbers on Saturday and Sunday. No matter what I post, Sunday’s readership is considerably higher. Not as high as during the week, but high enough to deserve a blogger’s attention.

The numbers give a good glimpse into my readership. During the week, most people reading the blog are either at work or studying. On Saturday people are away from their computers, and on Sunday many of the working people still are but the students have turned to studying, and hence back to procrastination.

So if you are reading these words on this chilly Sunday afternoon, you are probably a student at the library who’s read all the shout outs and is looking for every excuse possible not to confront next week’s exam.

Well…so am I. Therefore, today, instead of any real commentary, the Sconz will be dedicated to the short-attention span we’re all trying to fulfill. I got some tricks up my sleeve.


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