Brunch Links


Good morning. Apparently Al Gore is in town today.

Cardinal headline blunt, perhaps misleading: “Committee passes anti-drinking bill.

Dave Zweifel leads me to a new Madison blog: Cheese Underground. It’s about cheese.

11 percent of UW undergrads are minorities. So UW has a higher rate of minorities than the state?

Brenda Konkel is pulling out all stops to preserve community television.

A fiscal conservative and a liberal are trying to get TIF funding out of Edgewater project. Meanwhile, two other more conservative members, Judy Compton and Michael Schumacher, are voicing skepticism about the central library costs. Verveer says now is the time to invest.

Kristin Czubkowski reminds us that rail is not the only “rapid transit” option.

A UW sophomore advocates the de-slutification of Halloween. But without giving us some good alternatives. What does she propose wearing?

The New York Times editorial board is really going after a guy in their own backyard, Rep. Charlie Rangel.


3 Responses to “Brunch Links”

  1. Paul Axel Says:

    Can I assume to expect a post of Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize sometime later today?

  2. Ordinary Jill Says:

    I think the opinion piece discouraging slutty cop costumes was meant to be satirical. If it wasn’t, that makes it even funnier.

  3. The Sconz Says:

    Jill, as former editor of the Badger Herald opinion page, I can confidently tell you that was not satire. Granted, earlier this year I wrote an article that a lot of people assumed was satire as well.

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