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Bad game last night. But who cares about football? It’s the postseason for the pastime that counts! If you don’t know what I’m talking about, then you should have your citizenship revoked. Salmon sandwich courtesy of the Orpheum Lobby Restaurant, brought to you by Eating in Madison A to Z.


TOP STORY: Doyle suspends enrollment in Badgercare Plus Core Plan, the medicaid program for childless adults. People have until noon Friday to enroll. Afterwards, they’ll be put on a waiting list.

Although I beat them to the punch, the Herald has a good article on Verveer’s downtown renovation plans.

Mark Pocan and John Erpenbach are backing a medical marijuana bill in the assembly.

Opponents of Peace Park renovation speak out. I believe the article was mis-titled. There’s one line about opposition.

Journal Sentinel supports Walker’s economic development plan.

Perhaps nothing is more amusing than reading through the violations which lead to CFACT’s second denial of GSSF funding.

Very bizarre: UW Faculty Senate not interested in discussing collective bargaining rights.

Steve Horn argues that Louis Butler’s loss in the Supreme Court race makes him unqualified for the federal judgeship Obama nominated him for the other day. The Cap Times begs to differ.

Walker is accused of race-baiting. The accuser doesn’t offer too much to substantiate his claims.

Education panel: What do you think about year-round schooling?


11 Responses to “Brunch Links”

  1. illusory tenant Says:

    “Steve Horn argues.”

    You are one admirably generous fellow.

  2. Steve Horn Says:

    Hey Illusory Tenant, rather than talk shit, why don’t you back up what you say with your actual argument?

  3. Steve Horn Says:

    And I didn’t argue it makes him “unqualified”, I argued that it makes him an undemocratic choice to serve in the position, as he was already voted out of a Court position for the WI Supreme Court. I even brought up the issue of qualification. It’s not an issue of being qualified at all. It’s an issue of making an undemocratic decision to usurp the voters of Wisconsin.

  4. Irish Frog Says:

    steve horn is a douche.

    • The Sconz Says:

      Hey guys, let’s keep it civil. Although I do believe Steve’s argument was flawed and I’ll say why later, give the Nadar supporter some credit for writing an article that makes people think he’s a right winger.

      • Steve Horn Says:

        I don’t see how people could think I’m a right-winger or hardline conservative at all, as I prefaced everything I said with, “While I vehemently disagree with U.S. Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner, R-Wis., on most issues…”

        People just have chosen to read bits and pieces of my articles, attack me and the departments in which I study, and not look at the argument as a whole. I look forward to hearing your counter-argument, though.

  5. illusory tenant Says:

    “I argued that it makes him an undemocratic choice.”

    See, this is what I’m sayin’. Maybe what you want to argue is that what makes him an undemocratic choice is that the chief federal executive is insulated from being a participant in democracy by the Electoral College. But that would entail arguing that all federal judicial nominees are undemocratic choices.

    And you know what? I might be inclined to agree with you. Except they were never intended to be “democratic choices” in the first place.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Can someone please explain to me why such an awfully reasoned op-ed is getting so much play? Or top opinion page billing in the herald for that matter?

  7. illusory tenant Says:

    More importantly, Mr. The Sconz, how do I get a different smiley-face?

    • The Sconz Says:

      I’m sorry, that’s impossible. I’ve equipped the blog with extraordinarily sophisticated software that translates the personality of the writer into an appropriate face.

  8. illusory tenant Says:

    Alright then, but just know I’ve got more teeth than that.

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