Abstinence only: Pride in ignorance


The Wheeler Report linked to some pretty troubling spin put out by the Wisconsin Abstinence Coalition on the Healthy Youth Act.  The fallacies and rhetorical devices used would make a logic professor cringe.

Among its criticisms of sex education:

  • “Statistics show many teens do not know how to properly use condoms.” So trying to teach them…is not worth the effort.
  • “The sexual reality of seventeen year olds cannot be used to justify the same behavior for twelve year olds.” So teaching kids about something before they encounter is
  • “The superintendant cannot pick a single evidenced-based state program for all communities because it doesn’t exist.” I can’t wait for their argument against universal health care: The president cannot point to one universal health care program that has worked for America because one doesn’t exist.

Are these people even trying to make arguments anymore or are they merely reminding us that they exist? Who’s the sap that’s going to cite these poor bastards on the floor of the Assembly? I’ll give you a hint, if he cites them in the legislature, his quote will re-appear verbatim in the Badger Herald.


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2 Responses to “Abstinence only: Pride in ignorance”

  1. Anonyies Says:

    As much as I absolutely abhor most of these arguments, I must say she has a point with the second bullet point. Does it make sense for the state to be teaching how to have sex in a “healthy” manner when it’s illegal for minors to be engaging in sex in the first place? I agree that minors should not be able to legally consent in order to be protected from molestation, etc., but I feel like this provision should be addressed somehow. Kids are going to have sex whether their parents or the government tells them not to. By keeping it “illegal”, we’re just burying our heads in the sand and refusing to address the real issue.

  2. Anonyies Says:

    PS. I love that “crazies” is listed as one of the tags. haahahah

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