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Analysis of tonight’s game at Packer ChattersTim Oates thinks old number 4 could still be the key to a Packer’s victory. By the way, do we have to go through this gubernatorial “wager” charade every time? Gov. Doyle is wagering Usinger’s sausages and Wisconsin cheese and Gov. Tim Pawlenty is putting some Hormel pork tenderloin and Minnesota wild rice on the line. And Minnesota and Wisconsin beers of course. How much did those companies contribute to get promoted in the casino that is inter-state politics? Brunch brought by the folks of “Eating in Madison A to Z” and the Pancake House.


Paul Soglin discusses the “conservative spin” on a Regional Transit Authority for Dane County.

Republican legislator to Doyle: Friendly bet with asshole who is screwing our tax receipts over?

Badger Herald ed board is glad Wyndham Manning is stepping aside as a County Supervisor. Editor in Chief of the UW-Stevens Point Pointer believes the paper made the right decision in not running an anti-abortion pamphlet.

UW doctors who do promotions for hearing-aid companies are allowed to keep making money, but drug companies are out the question.

Michael Steele amends anti-stimulus “boondoggle” comments in Scott Walker’s presence.

However, despite the stimulus money in the Milwaukee County budget, the board is likely to try and get a sales tax increase through to avoid the wage cuts and furloughs Walker is proposing.

Disappointing results in Wisconsin poll on health care reform. Not the number of people who opposed it – those were just Republican – but the number of people who didn’t know enough to voice support or opposition.

Bonnie Sucha links to an article discussing the “brighter side” of state furloughs.

Marquette University Law Blog talks about the slow progress undoing the damage of crack sentencing.


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