Sunday Brunch


Good afternoon. Weather looks pretty crappy all week. Nothing above 60. 7 of the 8 playoff berths have been determined, all attention now turns to the AL Central race between the Tigers and the Twins, which might be determined today if one of the teams wins and the other loses. If both teams win or both lose today, then there will be a one game playoff on Tuesday.


Helen Thomas was repping in Madison yesterday.

BREAKING: Mad Ave is no longer going to be an underage dance club. Introducing Segredo: Boutique Bowling Lounge and Restaurant. Awesome – bowling is a great winter activity, but how long will it take for the sororities to get the message?

This article title gets the point across: “Madison police want all officers to have their own assault rifles.”

A good, long article in the State Journal details the long, scandal-filled history of Robert D’Angelo, the former head of the Madison Arts Center.

As Badgercare Plus nears funding limit, the Appleton Post Crescent runs a feature on those who have no insurance.

Mayor Dave writes about a recent trip to Boulder, where he gained some perspective on sprawl.

Brenda Konkel runs down the Economic Workplan for 2010.

Do people who complain about medical malpractice suits really know how necessary they are, asks Law and More.

Oh, and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad might be Jewish.


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