The problem with the Wheeler Report


Besides having a design that would embarrass characters from Revenge of the Nerds, the Wheeler Report also seems to be the unfortunate peddler of every thought that wanders into Sen. Mary Lazich’s right wing brain. Or perhaps the brain of her chief of staff, talk radio host Kevin Fischer.

All jokes aside, anybody who checks the report daily notices a definite pattern in the legislative press releases. Some legislators put something out almost daily, while others seem utterly disinterested. The ones that I notice the most are Lazich, Kedzie and Clark.

Granted, a Lazich reading can sometimes be rewarding. In a balanced discussion of a proposal to extend the deer hunting season, Lazich pulls a couple intriguing stats out of her pocket:

Even if you are not a hunter, you still need to be aware of deer. State Farm Insurance reports a vehicle collides with a deer somewhere in the United States every 26 seconds. Wisconsin ranks eighth in the nation for the likelihood of vehicles crashing with deer. Your odds of crashing with a deer are 1 in 116.


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  1. Forward Lookout Says:

    […] it’s great for keeping up with news. I think the design is fine, don’t listen to the Sconz. However, the Wheeler Report is missing something: A favicon. See, here’s a partial image of […]

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