Saturday Brunch


Looks like the Gophers are giving us a pretty good game. Tip of the day: a rainy day is the best day to get good food easily at the farmer’s market. Meatball sandwich from Paisan’s, courtesy of Eating in Madison A to Z.


Waukesha County Republicans host Scott Walker and Mark Neumann, who both behave themselves. Apparently Michael Steele was also there.

Some places worried about stricter OWI laws crowding prisons.

Doyle submits high-speed rail application to Washington.

Verveer wants new benches that are not “bum proof.” Guess how much it costs to replace each bench?

Brewtown Gumshoe: Milwaukee the 11th poorest city in the country. But even this stat doesn’t capture the extreme level of poverty and despair in the Brew City.

Forward Our Motto: Let me tell you something, newspapers are not a critical component of a healthy democracy. There, I said it. What really matters to a healthy democracy is accountability, which can be achieved through investigative reporting.


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