Is this the proper place of the ACLU?


While the ACLU will likely never lose its reputation as an organization that vigorously defends civil liberties and constitutional rights, it may be losing its focus in a desire to articulate positions on other issues, including social and economic policies.

For instance, today, the executive director of the Wisconsin ACLU came out against the mayoral takeover of the Milwaukee public schools, citing a concern for the racial achievement gap, and labeled it an attempts by policy makers to come up with a “quick fix” solution instead of pursuing meaningful investment in education.

Why is the ACLU involving itself? Is it normal for the group to address these types of broad social and economic issues?


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One Response to “Is this the proper place of the ACLU?”

  1. Steve Horn Says:

    I totally agree with you here. They should narrowly focus on issues pertaining to civil liberties and shut up about everything else. If they don’t, they risk looking like a partisan group, rather than the nonpartisan group they were intended to be.

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