Brunch Links


As you may notice, the most important news is always on the top. It’s supposed to be sunny with a high of 62 but it’s cold as hell in my room. Eating in Madison provides you another Mexican brunch, courtesy of La Mexicana.


Wisconsin may become the 44th state to allow women to breast-feed in public. Of course, allowing children to witness the act on television will still be off-limits, thank God.

Looks like Mayor Ryan (not another first-name-basis mayor, that’s his last name) may finally be shown the door. Making jokes about incest apparently cross the line in Sheboygan.

Paul Soglin discusses the new mental health center Kathleen Falk is proposing. Looks like a good opportunity to take advantage of some major federal dollars.

Cognitive Dissidence: Scott Walker’s understanding of collective bargaining.

Who smokes in America? Food workers.

A journalist discusses how the Washington Post is clamping down on journalists’ social media networks and blogs.

While Scott Walker has the luxury of raising zoo fees, the Vilas zoo is in critical need of funds but is constrained by the “free admission forever.”

Don’t you love frat lingo?: “After 5-semester suspension beginning in spring 2006, fraternity gains approval to colonize on campus.”

Eric Schmidt thinks alcoholism is a problem on campus and counseling is needed. Similarly, the Cardinal runs a story on mental health limitations at UW.

UW researcher finds the T. Rex’s doom may have been a miniscule parasite.

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