Is Lawton viable?


Despite my many issues with Kevin Bargnes’ article on Barbara Lawton today, he raises an important question: What the hell is the LG doing right now? Why hasn’t she begun campaigning? Wouldn’t that drive away her opponents faster?

Steve Walters, a columnist at WisOpinion, asks similar questions in a column today. He even gives specific areas of concern for Lawton, including lack of depth on certain issues, such as drunk driving policy and campaign finance. More importantly, how will she distinguish herself from Doyle? What part of his record will she “own?” Walters notes Lawton’s different position on the appointment of the DNR secretary. I will add that she also opposed the governor on tax breaks for film productions.


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8 Responses to “Is Lawton viable?”

  1. Zach W. Says:

    I think Barb Lawton is fatally flawed as a candidate for governor, if for no other reason than because she can be directly tied to the Doyle administration and all its unpopular positions.

  2. lukas Says:

    This might be a tough year for non-Feingold Democrats running statewide. Although I feel Lawton has done enough to differentiate herself from Doyle. And, as you noted Zach (on Blogging Blue), Lawton obtained Milwaukee Co. Democratic Party Chair Martha Love endorsement’s, which could be very useful depending on who runs in the D primary. So she is campaigning…

    My biggest concern is whether she can raise enough money. She has some catch up work to do.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    What person would believe she is directly tied to Doyle? I think it’s common knowledge now that they disagree on just about everything.

  4. Zach W. Says:

    Anonymous, she was still a part of the Doyle administration, and while she and the governor may not have agreed on much, the fact that she was a part of Doyle’s administration would make for some great TV attacks.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Spend 10 minutes asking around the Capitol and then reconsider whether she’s really “a part of Doyle’s administration.”

  6. Heidi Says:

    Count me in as a Wisconsin woman who is absolutely thrilled by Barbara Lawton’s bid for governor. Never underestimate the power of strong smart women in this state, gentlemen! And NEVER assume that BL is merely “blond” or feckless like Scotty “Pottymouth” McCallum.

    She has been networking throughout Wisconsin for years, quietly building grassroots loyalty for her commitment to education, promotion of community economic development, and support of women’s, veterans and outdoor issues, to name just a few. She’s held hundreds of press conferences in communities outside the beltline and is well known and respected by county party leaders.

    As for distinguishing herself from dour droning Doyle, give me a break. Let’s not forget that she was drafted by DPW members and not Doyle’s choice for LG in 2002. Lawton cleaned Kevin Shibilski’s clock in the primary despite his huge fundraising advantage and support by the good old boys. Theirs hasn’t exactly been a comfortable partnership.

    By the way, Shibilski’s questionable campaign tactics eventually embarrased both himself and Doyle.

  7. The Sconz Says:

    You have quite a penchant for nick names Heidi.

  8. Irish Frog Says:

    I don’t know, I follow politics pretty closely, and I can’t think of anything she’s actually done. I remember a lot of speeches about the environment, but if that’s what the rest of the state knows about her, that will actually hurt.

    I would have preferred her over Ron Kind, but if Tom Barrett gets into the race, I’ll be backing him over Lawton. I agree with the other posters, she’s fatally tied to Doyle, and couldn’t beat a Republican with a heartbeat (which leaves out “Tin-Man” Walker – zing, I can play too!)

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