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G’day Sconnie land. Looks like Fall has officially arrived in temperature as well as in color. High of 56 and low of 34! Brunch courtesy of the Original Pancake House. From the folks at “Eating in Madison A to Z,” of course.


Tammy Baldwin has a tea party brought to her: “Some booed the idea of high-speed rail for Wisconsin residents and the idea of government-run healthcare.” Sounds like a very forward-thinking crowd.

What do we do with all this new tuition money?

Charter Street Plant is looking to phase out the use of coal. So it will go from visible mountains of it to none?

Vets-for-Vets gets funding, Student Tenant Resource Center does not.

Sean Kittridge: “The Madison Police Department has never encountered a situation that warranted 142 assault rifles, no matter how they’re sighted. In fact, it’s hard to think of the last time anyone on American soil needed that many guns, unless you count the Source Awards and parties at Ted Nugent’s place.”

Kevin Bargnes argues that being executive of Milwaukee County is kind of like being governor. Not really, especially considering that there are serious considerations in Milwaukee to abolish the office.

Cap Times: “A Wisconsin state lawmaker says he wants to save newspapers even though he admits to sometimes hating reporters.”

Cap Times editorial board opines on Jeff Wood and Steve Nass in the most awkward and unconvincing way possible.

2 Responses to “Brunch Links”

  1. Steve Horn Says:

    I’m with you on the Cap Times Ed Board argument. Wood’s conduct and behavior has nothing to do with having political views that are ridiculous (Nass).

  2. Steve Horn Says:

    I agree more with the JS:

    “Yes, one is innocent before proven guilty, but it appears clear that even if he manages to avoid conviction in these two latest cases, Wood does have a problem that needs attention.

    And it also appears that Wood needs some time to concentrate on that problem rather than on the vital and pressing business of state governance.”

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