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A dreary day is forecasted in weather, but certainly not in Sconz content. High of 58 and rainy. Today’s brunch is for the sweet tooth – courtesy of Daisy Cafe and Cupcakery. Hat-tip to Eating in Madison A to Z of course.


Legislature Dems are still dodging the question of Rep. Jeff Wood’s new OWI arrest. It helps that Wood is an independent. Even though he caucuses with the Democrats and has become on of their votes, they can avoid association and hence the responsibility that comes with it.

State Sen. Mary Lazich and Russ Feingold apparently have something in common: they believe voters should decide who holds legislative office. Lazich has come out against the Assembly bill that would allow legislators to designate potential “successors” for replacement in the event of an attack that kills an inordinate amount of the body.

What a good use of Sauk County law enforcement: Deputies reported destroying about $5,000 worth of pot plants growing outside on Thomas’ property. Thomas faces up to six years in prison and a $10,000 fine on the charge of manufacturing marijuana.” This of course, was after a month long investigation.

Campus Women’s Center is organizing a solidarity campaign in response to being denied GSSF funding.
Although I haven’t formed a real opinion on Michael Pollan’s claims, it was nice to see he called out the bogus claim that over-production in the U.S. is all about “helping the third world.” As he indicates, it often has the opposite effect.
State gets flooded by storms, Fond du Lac gets over $21 million from FEMA for damage.
Scott Walker’s economic plan could be “attractive” to more Milwaukee pols than we thought.
Jay Bullock wonders who’s “crapping” on Milwaukee more, Barrett or Walker?
Cardinal writer mentions “brunch” in article on vegetarianism.
And the Herald uses prefixes inconsistently.

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