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Get ready for some shitty weather. It looks like we’re gradually descending into “Shitty Weather” season. Rainy all weekend (high of 68 today) and then sunny next week but in the 60’s rather than the 70’s. I’ve got nothing against the 60’s (no pun intended), but it’s a slippery slope from there. I’m no huge fan of the 50’s (pun intended this time). Brunch today comes courtesy of the folks at “Eating in Madison A to Z,” who spotted this dish at Pablo’s Tacos.



Damnnn: 7000 came out to listen to Michael Pollan speak.

Great scoop: Feingold and Kohl are working to make it easier for northern Wisconsinites to receive “Wisconsin-related” TV programming. At first glance I assumed that meant “That 70’s Show,” but apparently it refers mainly to news and sports. Steve Horn writes about Feingold’s continued opposition to sneak-and-peek warrants.

Cap Times: After a two week state crackdown on DUI led to 1200 arrests, State Rep. Jeff Wood (I put up a video of him drunkenly pissing a while ago) still didn’t get the message. Wood was arrested on his 4th OWI offense this week.

You never expected WISPIRG to have to pressure Russ Feingold to support environmental legislation. But that’s what’s happening.

Very interesting: Co-op system no more inclusive than Greeks, says Cardinal writer.

Do not look for a job with the city (not to be confused with in the city). Mayor Dave will stay with hiring freeze through 2010.

James Rowen: “Walker should have to report [Milwaukee County employee pay cuts] as in-kind campaign contributions.”


3 Responses to “Brunch Links”

  1. anonners Says:

    there should be a disclosure on steve’s column that he worked for feingold over the summer – i would comment on the article itself but the herald site is being screwy.

  2. Jason Smathers Says:

    Oh god. Disclosure shall be added if true.

  3. Jason Smathers Says:

    And confirmed. Disclosure has been added.

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