New challenger for Feingold?


Although it’s highly unlikely that Russ Feingold’s re-election campaign next year will be particularly competitive, the race nevertheless gained a certain level of political respectability with the announcement of a new Republican candidate today. John Nichols from the Cap Times reports:

Madison developer Terrence Wall, an economic conservative who has resources and a penchant for political infighting honed on the tough turf of heavily Democratic Dane County, has made a number of moves that position him as a possible Republican contender.

Wall is not talking publicly about a Senate run yet.

But the buzz in the state’s political community is that he has conducted at least one poll and making calls that indicate an interest in making a Republican bid.

It’s not that Wall is any less radical than Dave Westlake, self-described social conservative who has already declared. However, he has a lot of money, and with that money comes the opportunity to run a real campaign that is not based on outlandish publicity stunts to get attention, which is often the case in lopsided Congressional races, such as Tammy Baldwin’s races against Dave Magnum and Peter Theron.

According to some selective quotes provided to me by a contact in the Feingold campaign, Wall is an unabashed reactionary. He has publicly stated that “health care for all is really rationed health care,” and that Wall has advanced the “death panels” conspiracy theory.

As a columnist for “In Business” magazine and the author of political commentaries on the website of his firm, T. Wall Properties, Wall has positioned himself as a sharp critic of the Obama administration’s economic strategies.

“(We) would have been seeing a recovery around this time if the government would have stayed out of this mess, but now the country is in a terrible catch-22; massive government spending falsely marketed as stimulus is going to come back and require similarly massive taxation (or monetizing the debt by printing money) that in turn would sink any recovery.

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