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Good morning Madison! Looking a little dreary to start out the day but no worries, should be getting up to 75 later in the day. I am still trying to grasp with how to put flickr photos of food on brunch links so until then we’ll have to make do with this little tidbit I got of the Wikipedia entry for on “Brunch.”

The Académie française prefers that French speakers do not incorporate English words like brunch into their language, and suggests using the phrase le grand petit déjeuner,[6] literally, “The big little lunch.”

First off, Ron Kind is NOT running for governor. Good for Barrett or Barbara or both?

You of course have to check out my article in the Herald. This week I promised the editors to write about something that is not “nonsensical,” however, I am sure the anonymous commenters will disagree. So I encourage my readers to go inondate the Herald with supportive comments. Things like “good insight,” and “I’ve never thought of it that way but you’re right” are my favorite.

On the same page, Joey Labuz thinks that tuition should increase drastically for 5th year seniors.

Herald reports on two UW System newspapers that have refused to run anti-abortion advertisements.

Campus Women’s Center grapples with GSSF funding rejection.

Jamie Stark on student vote on ALRC: “We are an integral part of this community. We live and play in the parts of town most affected by alcohol policy. Students care about their own safety and that of their friends’ and realize how alcohol can affect their environment.”

Wisconsin looks to regulate “puppy mills.”

The Cap Times ed board finds a way to support Michael Pollan and be populist.

Feingold is not angry, but a little disappointed with Obama’s approach to state secrets.


2 Responses to “Brunch Links”

  1. Eric Schmidt Says:

    Jamie Stark should run for Wyndham’s District 5 seat in 2010. He is not showing interest, and he should be — right now the only interested candidates are wackos from Progressive Dane, and the College Dems are showing absolutely no interest in trying to find a candidate. Since I’ve decided against running (smile), I say the most articulate C-Dem on campus is the heir apparent here. What say thee, Sconz?

  2. Todd Stevens Says:

    I couldn’t support a Jamie Stark candidacy. Mostly (OK, solely) because I want him to keep writing for me.

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