A good step for good government


Gov. Doyle’s recent reversal on this issue has disturbed and amused many political spectators. It’s good to see the Democrats buck the governor. Wispolitics:

The Assembly approved a bill to restore the appointment authority over the DNR secretary to the Natural Resources Board by a 61-32 vote Tuesday.

The chamber turned back eight GOP-sponsored amendments during floor debate on the bill before Rep. Robin Vos, R-Caledonia, objected to the third reading of the bill. Vos removed his objection later in the session, clearing the way for the floor vote.

Rep. Spencer Black’s comments on the bill were also encouraging.

“Decisions about our outdoors should be based on science,” Black, D-Madison, said. “Not based on what’s best for politicians or based on who made the biggest campaign contributions.”

Next stop: The Board of Regents?

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2 Responses to “A good step for good government”

  1. KB Says:

    That’s just good government.

  2. Irish Frog Says:

    I’ve long been critical of the DNR being part of the executive branch and therefore a political football. Mostly I was upset as Tommy gutted the agency and removed any teeth it once had. But I’m torn on this issue. How is putting the DNR under control of an unelected board a (little d) democratic step? While it’s unfortunate that environmental policy is political, isn’t it better to have an elected official accountable for it’s actions?

    Moreover, shouldn’t we all sit and think a little when people across the board agree that politicians cannot handle science, and that science should be insulated from public opinion? Isn’t that more of a tragedy than the outdoors being partisan?

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