Herald priorities


The front page of the Daily Cardinal was superior to that of the Herald today.

The Cardinal ran a story on the Board of Estimate’s approval of important budget items. The budget is perhaps the most important issue that faces the city each year – like any government entity, the city’s agenda is most accurately reflected by what gets funded and what doesn’t.

The Herald’s top story was a UW alum – one of those hundreds of thousands of living people who graduated from UW – caught for soliciting sex from a minor. Because of it I’m sure the Herald would have run off the racks by noon if so many students weren’t staying home because of the rain. [Insert rant about declining standards in journalism.]

The prioritization of drama over important news is surprising, considering the Herald’s chief, Jason Smathers, is a bit of a political junkie. However, campus politics has always been his priority – as it should be. Hopefully city and state affairs don’t get pushed to the side in the hopes of attracting more readers with sensationalist stories that belong in the hands of Chris Hansen. The presence of this story in the paper is not necessarily wrong, but its placement is.


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