Edgewater détente?


At this point it will be very hard for the CNI crowd to claim they were left out of the dialogue. From Mayor Dave’s blog:

I was happy to learn that Bob Dunn, the Edgewater Hotel developer, is getting together with Fred Mohs and other Mansion Hill neighborhood activists to try to work out some answers on Dunn’s proposed $100 million improvement project. It would be great if this were viewed as a win-win scenario for everybody rather than an extended confrontation.

Although Mohs has a well known feud with the family that has run the Edgewater for over half a century, it appears he may relish the opportunity to influence their renovation. Would there be a better way to deliver a stinger to an old rival?

Hence, it seems the burden of opposition may now be shifted from many of the well-positioned players at CNI to activists on the left. There is still plenty of skepticism chez la gauche.

Or maybe there will be no opposition.


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