Brunch Links


If you are anywhere in Madison you don’t need me to tell you the weather right now. If you can’t hear the rain outside you need to clean your ears out.

To start things off, is this really the top news story in the Herald?

Feingold is “encouraged” by Obama’s comments on Afghanistan.

Spencer Coggs formally announces his run for Lt. Gov.

The 17 new green buses that the mayor’s office was talking about during the summer has finally materialized.

This happened a few days ago but it’s an important story: The one semi-moderate Republican in the WI Congressional delegation sponsored a student-loan reform. This is the reason Republicans denied Petri that education chairmanship he wanted.

Is there anything more pathetic than an argument over the events of a Tea Party? According to this blogger, the Tea Party in Milwaukee featured Joe the Plumber and a fight! But this Tea Party apologist quickly responds, complaining about “leftists misbehaving.” Watch the madness here.

Kittridge adds his two cents on the Minnesota-Wisconsin spat over reciprocity.

This Democrat should probably be disciplined but apparently he won’t be.


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