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Back for good. As per Todd Stevens’s request, there will be double brunch links today! Or at least more. High of 74 with a low of 54. Sun with some overcast. Starting to become hard deciding what to wear. Weather becoming capricious. By the way, I really wish I could steal photos off “Eating in Madison A to Z,” but the pics are all from Flickr, which doesn’t allow me to use them. That means I have no more excuses not to go around Madison and do the culinary research myself.

Biddy Martin’s getting some heat for choosing Michael Pollan’s In Defense of Food for UW’s “Go Big Read” program. First it’s the aggies, now it’s the foodies who are pissed. Speaking of Biddy, the Cardinal ed board met with her and, according to their news team, the chancellor wants UW to “advance.” Good scoop guys.

Rep. Bob Ziegelbauer was stripped of his chairmanship of the Assembly Ways and Means Committee. Ziegelbauer, a Democrat in name only, claims it was because of an abortion vote. Plausible, but it seems more likely that his consistent support of Republican economic policy played a larger role in his dismissal from a key economic position.

Medicaid in jeopardy in Wisconsin.

James Rowen believes the legislature has sold the state short on drunk driving reform.

Michale Gableman’s own attorney, a Republican hack (can you believe it?), does not believe in criminal defense:

Illusory Tenant: “On Wednesday Michael Gableman’s own lawyer, Mr. Jim Bopp of Terre Haute, IN, criticized another former defense attorney’s “judgment” for being “willing to relieve a criminal from responsibility for his crime.”

Scott Walker wantt to privatize the Milwaukee Zoo.

Just in case of a terrorist attack or meteor storm…Wisconsin will officially become an oligarchy. Frankly, I’m more concerned about the meteors.

How visionary: According to Dane County Sheriff Dave Mahoney, the department has stopped shipping inmates out of the county and has saved about $3.5 million as a result.

Todd Jasperson’s piece was actually entertaining until he discussed a real issue, and then it got sad, because it illustrated how little he knew about the problem of health care.


5 Responses to “Brunch Links”

  1. Todd Stevens Says:

    *ahem* It’s actually just “Stevens,” not “Stevenson.”

  2. Erik Paulson Says:

    Actually, you can reuse the photos in that set – click on the thing that says “Some Rights Reserved” and it takes you here:

    Where it explicitly gives you permission to copy them, so long as you use them for non-commercial purposes and you give the photographer credit

    (Note: not all images on Flickr are licensed this way, but Flickr is good about making clear under which license an image is managed)

  3. Steve Horn Says:

    I’m with on the Jasperson piece. I’m surprised they allowed that to be printed.

  4. nichole Says:

    Heh, not that we’d want to keep you from doing culinary research (it’s a great hobby), but do feel free to use our pics as long as you link back to us in some way. Cheers!

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