Pride of the J-School


An anonymous commenter on my column yesterday:

“BH writers like to do this satire because they have nothing legitimate to write about. Seriously, this is the best thing you could think of Jack? Ed Murrow would hate you. So do the rest of us in the J school. Nighty night.”

Is there anything more beautiful than such anonymous bravery? Actually, before Murrow put his name and reputation on the line against McCarthyism, he probably sent thousands of unsigned pieces of hate mail to the senator.

Perhaps most amusing, the author of the comment seems to imply that I am a journalism student, and that my class mates in the school of journalism do not like me, excuse me, hate me.

Like Murrow, I am not a journalism major and I have never taken a journalism class.


One Response to “Pride of the J-School”

  1. Emma R. Says:

    and, like Murrow, the best way to deal with the haters is to ignore them.

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