UW alumni provide good sleep


At first glance, you might think I’m referring to UW’s legendary ability to create good sleeping partners. By the way, apparently the statute of Lincoln (who stands up every time a virgin walks by) just turned 100. But I’m actually referring to an email I received from Daniel Gartenberg, a recent UW grad who won the 2009 engineering creativity contest for devising “Proactive Sleep,” an ipod application made to monitor your sleeping habits as well as provide you a variety of options for more pleasant slumber, including relaxing, sleep-inducing music and alarm clocks from your favorite ipod songs.

I’m usually reluctant to push the blatantly self-promotional material that arrives in my inbox, however, I happen to really get a kick out of apple widgets. Every crazy idea seems to materialize in the widget forum. My roommate has an application called “bugspray,” which claims to deter bugs with a high frequency sound.


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