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Well of course you can’t sustain $1.25 taps for more than a couple weeks, especially if you’re coming off an expensive renovation. $1.75 on a daily basis is still the best deal in town, but like I stated before, the atmosphere is not.

But that’s not why the Pub made the front page of the Herald today. They want live bands and the city is not sure it should get them.

But apparently the city is cool with my favorite band in 5th grade playing on State St. this Halloween.

Jamie Stark is a hater. Of twitter. Don’t hate Jamie.

Obviously I have to link to myself. Students should sit down at football games. It’s been a cause close to my heart for years, and despite the inevitable rolled eyes of some, I’m glad I finally wrote the article. We’ll talk about Bassey Etim, the new ombudsman, later.

The Assembly just passed a bill that will give disabled veterans preference in state bids.

Apparently Scott Walker thinks federal funds could be useful in Wisconsin. For public transit too? What communist group kidnapped and brainwashed him?

On the Peace Park renovations: “I think it sends the message that this park isn’t for everybody,” said commission member Ald. Marsha Rummel, District 6.

Payday lender defender upset with Emily Mills for being dishonest. Interesting because Mills was one of the few critics to actually diverge from the company line opposing payday loans and proposed an alternative solution to the problem.


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